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 Enterance Informations
Entry Requirements, Time of Registration and Education Fee

1 S1 graduates from other similiar programs.
2 Two authentically certified copies of Bachelor Degre Cerfificate if from a local university and legalized by DIKTI if from an overseas university
3 Two authentically certified / legalized copies of Academic Transcript
4 Copy of TOEFL certificate (can be given year)
5 Recent color photographs size 2x3 cm (2pcs), 3x4 cm (2pcs).
6 Reccomendation letter (2Pc).
7 A copy of valid ID card (KTP) or driving license (SIM) or passport (1pcs)
8 Graduates with different study field should follow matriculation
9 Registration fee : Rp. 500.000,-

Entrance Test is done to obtain candidate students of master program who are expected to be able to follow and accomplish the study on time with a good GPA
1. Algorithms & Programming Design Knowledge Management
2. Information System History of Design Statistics
3. Enterpreneurship Enterpreneurship Enterpreneurship
4. Mathematics Information System Information System

Tuition fee, as following:
Semester Reguler/Afternoon Executive Reguler/Afternoon Executive Reguler/Afternoon Executive


Rp.8.000.000,- Rp.10.000.000 Rp.8.000.000,- Rp.10.000.000,- Rp.7.000.000,- Rp.9.000.000,-


Rp.7.000.000,- Rp.7.000.000 Rp.7.000.000,- Rp.7.000.000,- Rp.6.000.000,- Rp.6.000.000,-


Rp.7.000.000,- Rp.7.000.000 Rp.7.000.000,- Rp.7.000.000,- Rp.6.000.000,- Rp.6.000.000,-


Rp.7.000.000,- Rp.7.000.000 Rp.7.000.000,- Rp.7.000.000,- Rp.6.000.000,- Rp.6.000.000,-
  Tution fee paid out every initial of the semester together with re-registration process.
  UNIKOM Alumni granted waivers of Rp. 1.000.000,-
  If the class exceeds 4 semesters then will be charged by re-registration fee Rp. 500.000 and fee/semester credits Rp. 450.000
  Fee for thesis supervision and assembly Rp. 1.000.000,- (3rd semester)
  Graduation fee = Rp. 1.250.000,-
  Fees can be paid by cash or transferred to all of BNI branch in Indonesia addressed to A/C PMB UNIKOM, no. 1003196060  
  ADMISSION: JL. DIPATI UKUR 112-116 TL. (022) 2504119,2506634,2533754 BANDUNG 40132
       JL. DAGO 160-162 TL. (022) 2532134 BANDUNG 40132